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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Considering the fact that January is almost over and I've actually already eaten at one of the places that was going to be on my must-eat list for 2011, I figured it was time to post the official list.

So here we go. (And I'm only going to list nine because I already went to Fork.)

Santa Ramen in San Mateo: Supposedly the best ramen in the Bay Area. For ramen, I will totally make an exception to every rule. Bring on the pork and the gluten. I'll deal with the guilt and the bloating later.

Ken Ken Ramen in San Francisco: A pop-up in the Mission started by a Japanese chef and two white guys who grew up in Japan. The ramen quest must continue! And pop-ups are a hell of a lot of fun.

Bliss Bakery in Santa Rosa: Also known as the North Bay's gluten-free haven. Menu items include gallettes, toffee cupcakes and madeleines. How can you not drool? I'm meeting friends there tomorrow for lunch. The plan? I'm leaning toward pizza. And possibly a giant to-go box of baked goods.

Food Truck Friday in Napa: This food truck gathering takes place on the first Friday of every month. Now that I've checked out the Santa Rosa's Munch Monday, it's time to see what Napa has to offer.

Straw in San Francisco: Lots of hype over this carnival-themed restaurant, which opens Jan. 24. Funhouse mirrors! Sandwiches with doughnut buns! Games played throughout the meal! Yes, it's kitschy, but it's got my attention.

Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco: Speaking of doughnuts, this is one of the three spots from last year's list (the other two were Quince and Flour + Water) that I didn't make it to. I still want a fancy-pants gourmet doughnut. And yes, once again, I'll risk the gluten and the guilt.

Morimoto in Napa: Remember when I met him and it was awesome? I'd like to check out his restaurant. Also, there is ramen on the menu. Granted, a bowl is $14, but I guess that's the price for Iron Chef Ramen.

Plum in Oakland: Ubuntu founding chef Jeremy Fox is now leading the kitchen at Plum. I loved what Fox did at Ubuntu. It's highly likely I will also love Plum.

Animal in L.A.: OK, this is completely weird. First, it's in L.A. Second, it specializes in offal, which is clearly not vegetarian. But hey, if we're going to eat the beast, we might as well eat all of it.


Derrick Tsang said...

You really can't be serious about ditching the gluten are you?! That's like what you stand for. That's like the essence of Michaela no?

Michaela said...

Don't worry -- I'm not giving up on gluten entirely -- just trying to cut down on it a little. In fact, I actually ate a piece of bread last night. And look: I'm still alive!

RoadBunner said...

Just this weekend we ended up right in front of Santa Ramen (I only remember because I told the boy it was like Christmas). It was closed, but after reading this we'll go back :)

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