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cat lady

I am pretty sure this is how you stay single for the rest of your life.

Not pictured: My plush slippers. Because one of the cats puked in them, and I haven't gotten around to washing them yet.

Also: My shirt says "You've cat to be kitten me."

(Can you tell the mister is traveling for work again?) 

soaking up summer

Everyone is freaking out because Labor Day came and went and summer is supposedly now over and it's just a matter of time before we're all wearing wool sweaters and buried under a layer of ice.

So I'm making the most of these final pre-snowpocalypse days. I've been riding outside as much as possible, whether that means on one of my bikes ...

Made it to the Cathedral of St. Paul!

Or on a bikeshare.

This weekend I cut my run short because I found a Gnarly Ride and absolutely had to grab it. And just where did I take it?

Chocolate almond with an Izzy scoop of raspberry sorbet. Oh yeah!

Ice cream. Duh.

Speaking of adventures in dairy, I went to my very first Minnesota State Fair, where being a princess means you get your face sculpted out of butter.

I told the mister we should have a kid just so she can become a princess and be immortalized in butter and it is our duty as parents to do everything we can to ensure her success. His response: "Have you heard the term 'butter face'?"

OK, mister. You win. This time. (Also, maybe the State Fair people should look at UrbanDictionary.com because I'm pretty sure these nice teenage girls don't want to be called butter faces.)

Here's to the final few weeks of not having to wear down-filled coats.