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Friday, October 04, 2013

Tonight's question: If I listen to enough Spotify commercials in French, will I wake up tomorrow and be totally fluent and awesome?

Probably not, but please don't burst my bubble, especially since it's Friday night here in Paris and I'm typing this in bed, all squinty-eyed and lip-bitten because the bartender at the bistro a block away decided to introduce me to a French plum brandy called Vieille Prune and just kept pouring (and pouring). "Welcome!" she said. And it all went down the hatch.

Also, I have kept the "weird meat parts" theme going and had bone marrow for dinner tonight.

Which was followed by a traditional pistachio rice pudding that the bartender made me order. (But I was so thankful for her forcefulness -- this dessert was amazing.)

Besides stuffing my face, today I went to Montmartre and searched for the places where "Amélie" was filmed.

The toilette scene is my second favorite in the movie. (First favorite is Nino dressed as a skeleton in the fun house and whispering in Amélie's ear. Hot.)

I also went to the Sacré Coeur, where I met up with Derrick and Brooke, who are visiting from California. (I love it when worlds collide in the best possible way. We had dinner yesterday too and then walked to the Eiffel Tower, when it was lit up and lovely.)

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower ...

Allow me to explain: I made the mistake of telling a friend about the infamous Tour Eiffel dildo, and he then decided that was the one thing he really wanted from Paris -- to give as a gag gift for another friend's birthday (or so he says). So I wandered around Pigalle this afternoon, going from sex shop to sex shop in search of this particular dildo.

I'm a pretty brazen person, but I'll admit that buying a tourist dildo (in a horrible metallic gold color) took a bit of courage. Thankfully, as I mentioned earlier, people in Europe barely blink when it comes to sexuality. (Dear 'Merica: Why so Puritannical? And does a Statue of Liberty dildo exist? Or even better -- what about the Washington Monument? Because it is already the correct shape and would be very easy to market.)

You know, I just re-read that last paragraph. I'll stop now while I'm ahead. In the meantime, here are some photos of street art I saw today during my dildo search.

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