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sometimes I get hangry

My bad habit: Hanger. (And I'm not talking about the wire clothes rack, silly. I'm talking about hunger + anger.) I know I need to eat every three hours or I turn into a monster. And yet for some reason, I still forget to put granola bars in my purse. And then I get stuck in traffic on my way to food and then all hell breaks loose and then whoever is in my car with me begins to fear for their lives.


I am back in school. I signed up for a fashion class at the junior college: Clothing Construction I. The class meets once a week for three hours. Note to self: If you want to make friends and have conversations that revolve around anything except "God, I'm so hungry," eat before going to class.


When I'm hangry, I'll overdo it. Last week, I drove to Soledad (where it's so happening, right?) to oversee a TV interview. On the way back, I stopped at Himawari in San Mateo and ordered the shiro tan tan men deluxe, which is sort of like the love child of tan tan men and tonkotsu, plus a ridiculous amount of pork (chashu, kakuni and ground pork, to be exact).

When I was done, I was sweating profusely. (Dear god: Please let this be due to the chili oil, and not the early onset of menopause.) And I had to force myself not to lie down on a bench and unbutton my pants.


May this list of places I'd like to eat at in 2012 stave off the hanger, at least for another three hours.

Maru Ichi: Black ramen (kuro), the result of charred garlic. Bring it. (And bring the elastic-waist pants, too.)

The Casino Bar & Grill: I feel a little guilty for putting this in writing, especially since the Casino is such a secret, locals-only spot. But I blame the tasting room guy at Mayo, who raved on and on about this little dive bar with extraordinary food and an ever-changing menu.

Mission Chinese Food: I know it's trendy. I know there is a book. I know the lines are long. But the chef at work loved it. I'd like to love it too.

Savory Spice Shop: Because you can never have enough urfa biber. (No, not Justin Bieber.)

Santa: This godfather of San Mateo ramen shops was on last year's list, and I have yet to slurp there. (Yes, I realize a lot of haters say Santa just hasn't been the same recently, but I don't care. I still want to know.)

spoonbar: Not for food, for drinks. For fancy, fancy drinks. Because ever since I experienced Bourbon & Branch and Curio, I want more from my cocktail.

Smitten Ice Cream: Hello, seasonal ice cream flavors. I want some Five Spice Banana. And anything that involves brown butter.

Lydia's Organics: A new location has opened here in Chickenland, which means I'll have somewhere to go to cleanse after I've indulged in the shiro tan tan men deluxe.

Souley Vegan: Vegan soul food in Oakland. Yes, please.

Cinnaholic: Since we're on that kick, vegan cinnamon rolls in Berkeley. (Also, I have a Groupon.)

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