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Friday, January 25, 2013

Yet another reason why I'm a terrible person and should never be your role model: I ate about a quarter of the salad I ordered for lunch, and then I fed it to the chickens.

And then I ate this instead:

With ranch dressing, of course. (Because really, is there any other way?)

And on that note, may I present my New Year's Resolutions, a.k.a. The Annual List of Restaurants/Food Purveyors/Drinking Holes I'd Like to Go to in 2013. (For reference, last year's list can be found here. And I only actually made it to four of the 10 places in 2012. But whatever. It's not a contest.)

Ramen Shop (Oakland): Three friends from Chez Panisse open a ramen shop featuring locally-sourced ingredients and sides like wild nettle fried rice? How come I am not already living in their kitchen?!

The Casino Bar & Grill (Bodega): A holdover from last year. Can't believe I still haven't eaten there. I look at their Facebook page pretty much daily and drool over the ever-changing menu.

The Parish Cafe (Healdsburg): Supposedly, all kinds of Cajun awesomeness. I tried to go for lunch one day, but the restaurant is so small that if you don't get there right when it opens, there's a long-ass wait.

Social Club (Petaluma): I've heard mixed reviews -- some of my friends love it, and some think it's overrated. I want to make my own decisions -- and possibly try some of the duck confit hash that's on the brunch menu.

Betty's Fish and Chips (Santa Rosa): You know those times when you drive past a restaurant and think, That looks intriguing -- I wonder what it's like? That's exactly how I feel about Betty's. Also, I like fried food.

Alexander Valley Bar (Healdsburg): Did you know Medlock Ames has a secret bar in the back of its tasting room? This makes me insanely jealous. Dear wineries I work for: Why do you not have secret bars?!

Bergamot Alley (Healdsburg): The wine bar to trump all wine bars in Sonoma County. Or so say the geekiest of the wine geeks. I say, "Bring on the nerdiness!"

Savor Spice Shop (Santa Rosa): Another one I didn't make it to last year. And I have no excuses this time around, especially since I just borrowed this book from the library and now need to hunt down obscure spices.

Bear Korean Restaurant (Cotati): Confession: I am a total Korean food newbie. The only Korean food I've ever had is from Tov Tofu, and I've been told there's more to the Korean food world out there.

St. George Spirits (Alameda): Because I am completely and totally obsessed with gin. And I absolutely love their Botanivore.

And now excuse me while I double over in pain due to a French fry binge-induced stomache.

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