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This was my view tonight as our big episode finally aired. For the most part, feedback via social media outlets was positive. However, we did get some nasty comments about our Spanish-speaking employees. There are some truly appalling, ignorant people out there who apparently have nothing better to do than post racist comments on Facebook and Twitter. (Side note: Have you ever noticed that the people who post the meanest, most ridiculous rants online are also the people who can't spell worth crap? Dear ignorant bastards: There is a difference between "than" and "then.")

Thankfully, for every horrible person, there are many more who are sane -- and are willing to join the conversation. To these people: Thank you. You make my life much happier. Because even though I can respond with insight about our employees and our hiring process, it's the community -- the non-company people -- who give that message extra power.


Carisa said...

I enjoyed watching the show! Great work Michaela!

Michaela said...

Thanks, Carisa!