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sometimes you just need to ...

... dance it out.

Since my raise-your-leg-like-a-peeing-dog move is not quite ready for public consumption (I need, oh, maybe five gin gimlets before I can really shine), I went pole-dancing instead at Christina's brand-spanking-new studio. (Yes, I know this isn't anywhere nearly as sexy as shaking it in the dirt behind a parked car, but it's the best I could do tonight. And no, you won't see a video. Sorry.)

Why I love my friends: Because when a pole-dancing studio comes up for sale, they are brave enough to say "Why the hell not?" and buy it. Congrats to Christina and cheers to her new business venture.

And may we all have the courage to climb to the top.


Christina said...

I like the little guy the best. He enjoys rolling in the dirt!

Michaela said...

I am impressed by the guy in the brown pants and his ability to balance on one leg for an extended period of time!