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with no definite aim or purpose

Before an open water swim, I've been known to say: "I hope I don't see a corpse out there."

And then my friends laugh at me, because what are the chances of actually brushing up against a pale, floating hand or finding yourself looking down through the murky water into a pair of empty eyes? 

Apparently it's entirely possible: A dead body was found in the Russian River this morning.

The man was a 48-year-old transient, and cause of death hasn't yet been determined.


I was at the river yesterday. Not in it, but close to it.

We parked at Windsor High, rode to Johnson's and then did the entire Vineman route. Total mileage: 72. And most of that was riding solo, since I wanted to do this at my pace instead of trying to keep up with everyone else. (Small victory: I can ride alone! In traffic! And feel OK!)

I had to stop a lot to eat and drink. (World's Worst Multi-tasker, remember?) See this water bottle in the weeds?

I was able to take my bottle out of the cage while riding but couldn't put it back. So rather than risk another horrible crash, I threw my water bottle on the side of the road, stopped the bike, got off and went back for the water.

Hence this ride took a long-ass time. You could have brunch, get a mani-pedi, play a round of golf and get your car detailed all before I finish Vineman.


And if a 72-mile ride wasn't enough, we hiked up Bald Mountain last night (6.5 miles round-trip) to watch fireworks and raise money for the Sonoma Ecology Center. This "moderately difficult" uphill jaunt left me sweaty and winded. My quads hate me today, but the pain was worth it.

We saw 10 fireworks shows from around the Bay Area. And one glow worm.


Today: Hayes Valley with Christina. We went to Smitten for made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream. (Crossing one off of the list!)

TCHO chocolate with pistachio peanut brittle. Mmm. Creamy like pudding.


(It's sort of disturbing that a dead body and ice cream exist in the same post.)

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