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on tapering

This is quite possibly the best shirt ever. And if I had found it several weeks ago, instead of just the other day, I would be wearing it right now. (And yesterday. And tomorrow. And the day after that. I would basically just wear it until my boss told me to stop, kind of like how he told me last week that I needed to clean my desk because it was piled high with used dishes, magazines, notebooks and balled-up paper towels.)

Anyway, currently I am eating. In fact, I have been eating all day. Pretty much non-stop since I woke up.

I made a blueberry, almond milk and whey protein (I love this stuff -- it's actually Bourbon-flavored!) smoothie this morning, drank half of it at home, ate gluten-free pretzels in the car on the way to work, drank the rest of the smoothie at work, immediately ate some string cheese right afterward, mowed a Clif Bar, had a 49er roll, miso soup and salad for lunch at Ume (where my server told me she is also a triathlete and is doing Barb's in a few weeks), ate a piece of mochi ice cream at the office for dessert (I have conveniently stashed a box in the freezer here), found a half-empty small bag of Kettle Chips that someone abandoned in the break room (yes, I am the scavenger who snuck that back to my desk -- it's fine until someone actually sees you do it) and now I am eating the leftover brown rice-asparagus-tofu-mushroom saute that I made for dinner last night.

And since I am swimming at Johnson's tonight, there'a a strong chance that I will end up at boon later for more food.

Also, I am extra-moody. (Today I yelled at my friend because I felt he "stared too much." Really?) And extra-tired.

Basically, I think tapering is just an excuse to eat a bunch of food, sleep too much and act like a raging bitch.

Aren't you glad this will all be over in five days?

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