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If you look closely, you can see the spaceship.

Just kidding. It's just the full moon from my deck. And yes, I'm still awake. Because Vineman training generates an ungodly amount of laundry, and I need clean bike gear for my ride tomorrow.

Anyway, I swam at the river again after work.

I swear, it probably looks like one big freakshow when the triathletes show up at Johnson's Beach for training. Imagine being at Kellerman's (where nobody puts Baby in a corner) with a bunch of aliens in wetsuits (despite the 80-degree temperatures), goggles and neon swim caps. And while you are standing in waist-deep water in your camouflage string bikini, making out with your boyfriend who has a lot of tattoos, said aliens swim by. A little too closely, since they are having trouble sighting and therefore cannot swim in a straight line.

You get the picture.

Today there was a lot of traffic on the river. Scantily clad couples getting romantic. (For the record: Gross.) Inner tubes. Naked children. (Did your parents let you do this? Mine did not.) Teenagers. Kayaks.

But the biggest mindfuck of all: Motorized boats.

From underwater, those things sound like high-pitched hissing -- like there's a giant sea serpent just waiting to eat you. Fun!

Anyway, I slightly overshot the turnaround point (this is what happens when you're a newbie swimmer who only breathes on the right and the landmark green wall for the turnaround is on the left), so I ended up doing an easy-paced 1.3 miles in 59:45. Still slow as hell compared to the rest of the world, but who cares. I'll make the swim cut-off, and I may even get close to my 50-minute goal if I push a little harder. Just the fact that I went from a complete swim meltdown in March to swimming 1.3 without any issues is a miracle in itself. I'll take it.

And I'll also take this post-swim view from the shore.

Final thoughts: Apologies to the patrons of boon, who were also subjected to a triathlete invasion this evening. The spandex was a little excessive, I know.

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Carisa said...

When we were out there we saw a lot of characters near/in the river. It was very confusing and strange. I think they were camping/living there.