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Monday, January 10, 2011

This morning's appointment with a nutrition consultant resulted in painful news: I'm supposed to cut down on and eventually stop eating wheat and gluten.


My nutritionist might as well have grown devil horns and said: "Fail! No more pie and ramen for you! Sit in the corner and starve! Muwahahahaha!"

I almost started crying in her office.


I did it because I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Amino acids, iron, omega-3s, vitamin B12 -- there is so much to think about, especially when you aren't eating meat or seafood. (Well, most of the time -- I know I sometimes cheat!)

Neveia has been vegetarian for years, and this summer, when we were in the middle of marathon training, she came down with severe anemia.

And it made me worried.


So I fasted. And I peed in a cup. Twice. And I took a saliva test. And drank a glucose drink. And got my finger pricked several times.

The results: I am a fast oxidizer, which means I rapidly convert foods into energy. And because I burn up foods too quickly, I tend to have an overly acid blood pH.

So I need to eat foods that will alkalize my blood. And that means limiting and possibly nixing wheat.

My head is spinning.


I packed my lunch for tomorrow. Salad greens, quinoa, black beans, baked tofu "croutons," carrot sticks. It looks like this.

And I feel sad.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You can always cut back on those types of foods without completely giving them up! I have been trying to stick to salads with chickpeas for lunches and then I will have a bit more of a carby and delicious supper. It's been working for me so far!

Also, read that RW article about how gluten-free is the new trend but it might not be right for everyone unless you're celiac!

Michaela said...

Thanks, Amber -- will have to check out that article.

I think my plan is to cut down on wheat and gluten, especially during the week and for homecooked meals. But if it's the weekend or if I'm going out to eat, I don't intend to deprive myself! The ramen exploration must continue!

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