a day on the trails

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First, an 8-mile trail run at Shiloh Regional Park. The climbing felt never-ending, the mud was ankle-deep in parts, and I saw two banana slugs (gross!) and a field full of spiderwebs covered in dew. By the time I finished, my shoes were so caked in dirt that it looked like I had waded through wet cement.

Then, I ran two more miles on the road for a total of 10. (Note to self: Next time I decide to do this, I need to bring a pair of road shoes, preferably clean. The trail shoes are great for trails, but their soles are a little too much for the roads.) Must prep for Kaiser, right?

Finally, I spent the afternoon with Todd and another couple at Salt Point, hiking through soggy pine needles and foraging for mushrooms.

We found hedgehogs (look at the spikes!):

Yellow foot chanterelles:

This big boy -- our find of the day -- which we're pretty sure is a chanterelle (just need to double-check with our mushroom expert friend to make sure it's what we think it is):

And we found this gorgeous view, too:

And now I'm tired and want to tumble into bed.

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Wow! What a view! I miss trail running, there is too much snow on our trails here right now but I can't wait to start doing it again in the spring!

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