Thursday, January 13, 2011

I went to a vegan cooking class last night thinking I was going to, well, a vegan cooking class. As in: There would be a teacher who would instruct, and I would get to chop some vegetables and then go home with recipes.

Instead, the cooking class was a sales pitch for really expensive cookware. And I was told all my pots and pans are going to give me cancer, so I should throw them out and pay $10,000 (I'm not even exaggerating here) for a completely new set made of surgical steel, which is supposed to be safer and cook food faster without oils or water or any kind of liquid.

And then the chef went on to show how all of this magical, extremely pricey cookware worked. I didn't get to chop a single vegetable. And I didn't go home with any recipes. Or cookware, for that matter.

But at least the food was awesome.


Anonymous said...

what a scam!! so annoying. xo, shaymo

Michaela said...

No kidding. The worst part was having to sit through the entire sales pitch when all I wanted was the damn food.

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