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Thursday, January 21, 2010

As I sit here chewing freshly-microwaved leftover brown rice and Polish sausage because there is nothing else in the house to eat and I don't want to order delivery, it becomes very easy to compose my list of 10 restaurants I'd like to visit this year. In fact, at this very moment, pretty much anything sounds better than what I am eating right now.

But since I have to narrow the list to just 10, here goes:
  1. I still have not made it to Quince. There really is no excuse for this. Hell, we even have a $50 gift certificate. And I just found this awesome San Francisco hotel deal, so really, Todd and I should go to Quince, eat a bunch of food, drink a bunch of wine and then spend the night in the city ...
  2. ... and wake up the next morning and go to Dynamo Donuts for breakfast, where we would be forced to choose between the bacon doughnut, banana de leche or lemon thyme. If only all decisions could be so wonderful!
  3. Seriously, though, folks, most of the places on my list are in San Francisco. I think I'm having major city withdrawal. I feel like I'm out of the loop, like all those city kids with their skinny jeans, tattoos and ironic hairstyles are engaged in delectable gluttony without me. Take Flour + Water, for instance. This cozy Italian spot opened last year in the Mission and quickly made a bunch of "top eats" lists. I had never even heard about it until two months ago, when Ulysses asked me if I had been there. My reply: "Uh, no. Uh, can you send me the link?"
  4. Humphry Slocombe is another one. Hello? Why did I not know there was an ice cream place that makes truffle ice cream? (Also on their menu and said to be fab: Secret Breakfast ice cream, a.k.a. bourbon and cornflakes.) I must live under a rock. (Or just over a bridge and through a tunnel.)
  5. Then there's Brenda's French Soul Food -- right smack in the Tenderloin -- which is supposed to have the Best Grits Ever, according to quite a few food bloggers I've talked to. Tables are hard to get on the weekends, but the brunch is apparently well worth the wait.
  6. Finally, to round off my I-miss-SF rant: Let's talk about La Mar, acclaimed South American chef Gaston Acurio's cebicheria. The funny thing about La Mar is that Jenn and I have tried to go a million times, but something always came up, and we've had to cancel our reservations at the last minute. We even tried to go last weekend! We're making the attempt again on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that we actually succeed this time.
  7. And now a little love for the North Bay. Humble Pie is my favorite local brunch spot, hands down. I'd like to try their dinner menu as well. I've heard it's hearty, comforting and pretty much killer.
  8. Out in the teeny-tiny West County town of Freestone is the Wild Flour Bakery, which is legendary. I've told so many people about this place -- it was even on our "places to visit" list for our wedding guests -- but I've never actually been myself. I know, right? Totally embarrassing. So I'd like to go there with some Brebiou cheese and eat a warm baguette. And then go to Osmosis afterward for a massage.
  9. Then there is Scopa, a pint-sized Italian place in Healdsburg that has all of six tables. (And I'm only exaggerating a little bit.) I attempted to carb up there before my last half marathon, but was sadly turned away because I didn't have a reservation. Damn you: I vow I will return. And this time, I will be seated.
  10. And to bring this list to a close: How about some Indian food in Napa? That's right. Napa finally has Indian food. Neela's opened recently, and it's supposed to be good. Obviously, this food won't pair with your typical big Napa Cab, so the wine list is not what you'd typically find in the Valley -- lots of imports. Spicy food + obscure wine varieties? I'm in.
And there you have it: Ten reasons why I have to run like a crazy woman because otherwise I would be very, very fat.

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