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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wondering if a PR is even possible at the upcoming Kaiser Half. Training started off as planned, but then my left knee began to hurt for no apparent reason, so I took a few days off to rest it. Then I went to L.A. and only got one run in while there (and it was much hotter than I'm used to and I wimped out and cut the run short). And then I got sick.

And now, rain. And a whole lot of it. (As you can see, it's slowly turning our parking lot at work into a lake.)

I'm going to steal a line from the Sacramento Bee's running blog and quote Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman: "There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."

With race day looming, I have no choice: Softness is not an option. I ran a soggy eight miles on Sunday (which actually wasn't bad -- the rain was more of a light drizzle, with only one real near-downpour moment that lasted just a minute or two). Running in the rain is refreshing. And I definitely prefer it to the tedium of the treadmill (or "dreadmill," as Jessa calls it). Also, it's kind of funny to see people's reactions when you splash past. One woman actually said: "Good for you!"

Still, I'd rather stay dry. So I've been glued to the hour-by-hour weather forecast, and my running gear is with me at all times. The moment there's even just a brief break in the rain, I'm out there. Today I managed four miles with some speedwork, finishing in time to get a foam roller session in and head back to the office before a gigantic thunderstorm roared through.

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