Sunday, December 23, 2012

After narrowly escaping being vomited on at a holiday party last night (note to self: when 40-year-old men decide to relive their glory days and bring out the beer bong, run away immediately), I thought it best to abandon society and hole up behind my laptop. (Also, it is raining so hard right now that Noah's Ark is back in style.)

The inactivity is a welcome break. Lately, I've been traveling like a crazy person. NYC for the Set Decorators Society of America's holiday event. Los Angeles to pour for the crew and writers of "CSI:NY" (and yes, you read that correctly -- the New York show is filmed in L.A. -- it's the magic of Hollywood, folks). And later this week, Utah for a spa getaway and Texas for the Armed Forces Bowl.

It feels good to be home and sit with a purring cat in my lap.
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