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c'est si bon!

If my work were a high school, then Chloe's would be the cafeteria -- so many of us go there for lunch! (In fact, I went twice this week!) The place is crazy popular, despite its bizarre location in the Landmark Executive Center, which also houses Sutter Medical and pretty much looks like a hospital, complete with nurses in scrubs.

I guess it's a good thing medical help is nearby; Chloe's is so delicious that someone could eat himself or herself into a serious food coma. The café has fabulous sandwiches (which you can get on a baguette or a croissant -- my favorite vegetarian option is the Mediterranean, and when I was eating meat, I would order the Willie Bird turkey), soup, quiche, crêpes and salads.

But perhaps the most tempting items are their desserts: Gorgeous French pastries that look as beautiful as they taste. Every time I walk past the bakery case, I find myself oohing and aahing over the tarts and éclairs and Napoleons.

Today we succumbed to the pistachio meringue. It was both airy and creamy at the same time -- kind of like a chocolate-dipped cloud. Happy Friday, indeed!

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