feeding the monster

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How does this little monster keep the fun going the day after seeing the Mother Monster perform in all her glory (i.e., in this completely over-the-top yet absolutely fascinating gown with a mechanized headdress and wings that unfurled mid-song)?

By taking the day off and spending it with a very dear friend. By eating pastries for breakfast and buying a new hat in an impractical color. By dodging tourists while running across the Golden Gate Bridge. By enjoying a massive Burmese feast and then splurging on extra-large boxes of Japanese candy.

Yes, this little monster feels quite spoiled.


derrick tsang said...

Are you kidding me???!?!!? JEALOUS!!!! Don't call me gaga....

Michaela said...

It was awesome. She wore a bra and underwear that showered sparks.

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