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from burma to burritos

Had to include a photo of yesterday's Burma SuperStar feast. Mmmm -- yellow bean tofu and coconut rice! (Have I mentioned how much I've been missing San Francisco lately?)

Unfortunately, I didn't have any Burmese leftovers to chow on today for lunch. Instead, I tried a veggie burrito from El Patio (yes, I'm still searching for the best burrito in Sonoma County). It wasn't bad -- bursting at the seams with beans, guac and sour cream (total hangover food) -- but not earth-shattering. I think it needed a little more spice and maybe the tortilla needed more texture.

But the burrito hit the spot -- and it was apparently the perfect fuel because I had a kick-ass 8-mile tempo run tonight. It's been ages since I've actually had a strong, fast workout. I've been pushing through my long runs (Sunday's 16-miler through the Hidden Valley neighborhood of Santa Rosa was rough -- my legs felt like they were made of lead) and hitting the mileage, but not actually performing, if you know what I mean. And my speed work has been OK -- I've definitely improved, but in comparison to the folks I run with, I'm a turtle. So tonight's run lifted my spirits.

Also awesome: This article about all the gross things that can happen to you while running. (I totally relate.) And Kara Goucher's blog, which talks a lot about what it's like to be a pregnant runner. (Don't freak out -- no babies are planned here. I'm strictly a cats-not-kids kind of girl. But reading about running -- or in some cases, not running -- while pregnant is interesting.)


Kate said...

I'm hungry and angry. I want some, too.

Michaela said...

Why are you angry?

Kate said...

Because I can't eat Burma Superstar.