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Honestly, the egg recall -- almost half a billion eggs, what many news outlets are calling the largest in recent history -- doesn't surprise me at all.

Especially when the eggs in question have all been traced to a man who has been cited for environmental violations, health and safety violations, employment discrimination (a severe understatement for the rape allegations that were brought against supervisors at his egg facilities) and animal cruelty. How many red flags have to be raised before federal regulating agencies realize something is seriously wrong here? How was this guy allowed to continue? How many people have to become seriously ill before anyone notices?

It baffles me. Our society is so obsessed with germs and dirt and cleanliness (has hand sanitizer ever been as widespread as it is today?), and yet we choose to overlook the conditions under which our food is produced.


Kate said...

I'm baffled at how Americans demand cheap food and then are outraged when we get what we pay for. Most people know more about the intricacies of the latest celebrity scandal than they do about where their food comes from (not that I don't love a juicy celebrity scandal).

Michaela said...

Completely agree! I feel like so many people could care less about what goes into their bodies. We'll spend tons of money on our iPhones and our flat screen TVs, but we scrimp on the very thing that sustains us. It's pretty sick.