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looking forward to

... SF Street Food Fest today, where I hope to get my paws on some Hapa Ramen and Chairman Bao. And if the dashi and pork buns are all gone, then there's always Suzu (which is where I got the ramen in salt broth with pea shoots, pictured above), Dynamo Donut and Humphry Slocombe. That's what I love about the city -- so many opportunities for deliciousness.

... running with Neveia and Laura -- my two favorite running buddies -- in Duncans Mills tomorrow morning. It will be an early start -- 6:50 a.m.! -- but I can't wait to explore a new town and catch up with both of them. Nothing makes the miles go faster than good conversation. Also exciting: Post-run breakfast with the rest of the training group. Bring on the eggs and potatoes!

... getting to know the new winemaker with whom I'm now working. We went for coffee (her) and tea (me) at the Jimtown Store yesterday and spent almost two hours chatting and brainstorming ideas. I said: "Do you ever think about what it means to be a woman winemaker?" She said: "No. Not until people ask. But women are better at multi-tasking, and that's what you do in winemaking all the time." I hear you, sister! I like this lady so much already!

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