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how to survive

Today's work-related activity: An 8.5-hour meeting. It was so long that I started counting the number of times one of my co-workers used the phrase "If you will." The final count was 22, or approximately 2.58 "If you will's" per hour. (I'll admit I may have missed a few since I did leave to use the bathroom several times.)

Thankfully, the meeting did include an extremely awesome lunch, prepared by my chef friend Justin and his killer culinary team. Justin modified the menu for me quite a bit, and this was the end result.

First course: Asparagus salad, arugula, baby radishes, fiddlehead ferns and edible flowers, all drizzled with olive oil. (And everything -- except the fiddleheads, I believe -- came from the winery property, including the olive oil.)

Second course: Collared greens (julienned and sauteed with garlic), grilled bok choy, beets and fried sunchoke "chips." (And again, all seasonal and all from the winery garden.)

Third course: Lemon curd and pecan tart topped with vanilla ice cream.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to bite into this, Justin said: "You can't eat that!" And then he took it away from me. (Damn you, gluten.)

But not before I was able to scrape the ice cream onto my real third course: Mixed berries with macerated pine nuts and honey. And this was so incredibly good that I didn't miss the tart at all.

The best part: I actually felt incredibly healthy after eating all of this. Imagine that -- a three-course lunch, and I didn't go into a food coma afterward!

A miracle, if you will.

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