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the sprain saga continues

It's looking a lot like I won't be running Kaiser.

I'm not limping anymore, but as you can see, my ankle is still pretty swollen. Just compare the photo above to this shot of my right ankle, which is the normal one. (Sorry for the weird angles -- apparently, it's hard to take photos of your own ankles. And apologies for the horrible sock tan -- it just comes with the territory when you run. I also have a sports bra tan and a shorts tan. But I digress.)

The area around the little round bone is much puffier on the left side. It also still hurts to touch it.

(And yes, I did paint my toenails blue, largely because I saw Black Swan over the weekend, and the sad state of my toenails -- which can be viewed here -- started to terrify me a little.)

I e-mailed my physical therapist (who is also a runner and competes for Empire) to ask for advice, and this is what she said:

So the athletic training point of view is, if you can run with absolutely no limp, you can run. ... Swelling itself is ok. ... You would start out with minimal mileage (1-2 miles) and progress from there.

The good news: I'm OK and can probably start running again soon. The bad news: I'm assuming minimal mileage doesn't mean jumping straight into a half marathon.

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