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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I love my physical therapist.

After a wiggle here and a wiggle there, a little flex and point and squat action, and some poking and prodding, she figured out that my cuboid was out of place, causing a lot of swelling and limiting the range of motion in my ankle. I've had issues with my cuboid shifting out of place before, but this time, it was pushed too far up, so my self-help strategy didn't work since that technique is only good when my cuboid is too far down. When I thought I was popping it into place, I was actually pushing it even farther up. Doh!

As my PT repositioned my cuboid, I asked her: "What can I do to keep my cuboid in place?"

Her response: "Don't step in a hole and sprain your ankle."

Oh, PT humor.

But once that little bone was back where it should be, the tightness in my ankle disappeared, and I felt like I had my range of motion back. Granted, I'm still sore and a little swollen, but I feel so much better than I have since the sprain.

Then my PT taped me up and told me to run. (Yes! She told me to run!)

So I did. One mile on the track and around my block. And so far, feeling good!

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