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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I left L.A. before I was old enough to explore it. I turned 18, went away to college and pretty much never looked back. Except for the occasional weekend spent visiting family, going to weddings or attending an event for work, I am hardly ever in Southern California.

As a result, I know basically nothing about the food scene there. (Unless you count food trucks. I can tell you about food trucks.)

I spent the weekend trying to remedy this. (And also celebrating an early holiday with my parents. But let's get back to the food.)

First target: Ramen at Daikokuya. (Of course, right?)

Everything I'd heard was intriguing: How there is almost always a wait, no matter the time of day; how it is the only ramen place in L.A. worth considering; how -- if you are really looking to go over the top -- you can ask them to add pork back fat to your broth.

Todd and I met Shaya there for an early lunch yesterday. It was drizzly and grey and basically perfect ramen weather. (Another plus: When it rains, people in L.A. freak out and don't go outside. Which means we didn't have to wait for a table. Yes!)

Shaya and I had their house Daikoku ramen, while Todd upped the ante and went for the back fat. All of us also got a side of tempura (mine was vegetable).

Of all the ramen places I've tried so far (and remember, there really haven't been that many, since I am but in the early stages of my ramen investigation/obsession), Daikokuya is the richest. Their chashu looks like straight-up strips of bacon -- which is probably no surprise since it is kurobuta pork belly. The broth is hearty as hell, with an awesome marinated boiled egg, bamboo shoots and lots of green onion. And it doesn't stop there -- there are condiments! In addition to the usual soy sauce and chili flakes, there are also containers of garlic and pickled pink ginger (yum).

Good rainy day fare.

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I finally posted my picture of our Daikokuya lunch:

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