three days and counting

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I was doing just fine until I got this e-mail.

And then I started wondering: Am I really ready for Sunday?


The forecast says 40 percent chance of showers.

The upside: Rain is better than heat or extreme cold. And I have done this before.

The downside: Must I do it again?


As always, the No. 1 goal is no crapping my pants, followed by no dying and no puking.

But I also want a new PR, perhaps more than I'd like to admit. For some reason, putting my time goal in writing makes me feel like I'm going to jinx myself.


Seen on Twitter: "If found lying on ground, please drag over Finish Line."

1 comment:

Derrick Tsang said...

You are SOO ready! It's just a natural part of the taper process to feel unprepared! I will be crossing my fingers for the weather to agree with your PR plans!

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