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Friday, December 10, 2010

Here is an excerpt of a recent e-mail exchange among my training group friends.

Me: [Forwards message about volunteering at the Napa Valley Marathon.] Is anyone interested? I did it last year -- helped with bag check. I will probably do it again this year.

A: Is anyone thinking about running it? I like the tote bag.

Coach: You are going to run a marathon because of a tote bag?

R: It is the same reason he supports NPR every year.

M: This is a beautiful conversation. That tote bag better do my dishes and fold laundry.

D: I think there is a way to help with checking bags and acquire that great tote at the same time ...

A: Here is a picture of the bag. Very nice. [Attaches photo below.]

M: Wow, that is a nice bag! Not sure if I'd run 26.2 for it, though. I'd need to see inside the pockets.

R: Here is a picture of what is inside the front pocket. I guess the top pocket is even nicer, but I couldn't find a pic. [Attaches photo below.]

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