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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear cats:

I thought you were supposed to bury your poo. I thought this was a Cat Thing: cat + litterbox + poo = bury. But no. Apparently burying your poo requires too much effort. Either that, or you somehow believe each poo you create is a unique work of art and must therefore be displayed for the entire world to see (and smell).

I have had enough. No more exposed poos. No more kitty litter crumbs sprayed all over the floor and embedded in the rugs (especially disgusting when I find them in my bed). No more loud digging noises that go on for 15 minutes straight in the middle of the night (funny how you do this and still completely fail to bury your poo).

This weekend, the toilet-training begins.

Be prepared, my furballs. Be prepared.

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