Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't let it get to you: The fatigue from smiling so much and trying to entertain strangers, as you attempt to bring a 12-hour work day to a close. It is okay; this is all part of it. And your feet don't hurt. And your throat isn't hoarse. And yes, they are listening to you. And yes, they enjoy it. They are swirling their glasses and taking second sips. Keep talking.

Don't dwell on the big, lumbering trucks that slow your commute -- a trip that already takes up a good portion of your week. Don't scream behind the wheel. Don't pound your fists. Don't tug on your hair.

Don't think about the absence at home. And the news that you will be alone for at least another month. Tell yourself: This is nothing. I have done this before. Because it's true; you have. And absence can be good.

Carry on. Don't let any of it affect what happens. Don't let it change the way you answer the phone. Or how you greet someone when you meet them for the first time. Don't become oversensitive, insecure, small. There is no need for that, and there never will be. Don't alter your course or forget what you enjoy doing; there are things you enjoy doing.

Remember them: Taking photos of fall leaves. Rubbing his belly. Crossing that bridge.

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