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Sunday, October 15, 2006

1. Instead of asking you for a $5 tasting fee (or any tasting fee at all), you will be asked if you've gotten a chance to sample the fresh bread, cheeses and dips. You will be offered the Reserve-tier wines without asking for them. And you will listen to a woman with white hair tell you she got so "shit-faced" (that's a direct quote) while she was barrel-tasting with her husband that all she wanted was a hot dog, and she never usually eats hot dogs. And then she will pour you some late harvest wine. Go now.

2. That guy with the sunglasses and the tourist sweatshirt behind the bar? He's the winemaker. And coincidentally, he used to live in your neighborhood -- in fact, maybe only a few blocks away. You both like the same sushi restaurants.

3. You can find a tasting room that stays open until 7:30 p.m. And they have a peacock that will eat out of your friend's hand.

4. French onion soup and beautiful pastries.

5. There are grapes growing just outside his kitchen window and lizards that sit in the sun on his front porch.

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