I miss them.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am not going home tonight. I am staying here in Napa, where I will have dinner at Brix and then sleep in a hotel room afterwards. I will talk about my "plans" and "strategies" in a "casual" setting. I will likely order the heirloom tomato salad to start, followed by either some seafood or something vegetarian. Even though everyone will think I am strange because I am not eating red meat to go with red wine. But I will insist. Because I am not in the mood for red meat right now. Nor will I be in a few hours, when I am in the middle of said dinner. (Is it impolite to insist on sticking to white wine when everyone else has moved on to red? Will a lighter red like Pinot Noir pair with pan-seared sea bass? Can I get away with it? What about grilled polenta cake? Will it all be too much? Will I say something stupid? Will all these Brits think I'm a ditz? I hate that word.)

This is all part of my workday for today. And it is nice to do something different every day, to be involved in bigger decisions, to actually love my job, to feel challenged.

But I am tired. And sort of lonely. And I won't get to come home to my ginger cats.

Sometimes I just wish I could sleep for a very long time.

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