no pink after labor day?

Friday, September 01, 2006

I noticed it right away this week -- school is back in session. Kids with backpacks shuffle along the sidewalks. The really late ones chase the bus. And I find myself pitching holiday stories to the magazines. Already, I am thinking about what we will be drinking for Christmas. (I am also ordering glow-in-the-dark candy-corn printed collars for the cats. Do not laugh. They will look smashing.)

Fall also means the end of Rosé season. It's like "no pink after Labor Day." People start thinking about wines for the cooler months, the Cabernets to pair with meatier dishes, the Ports for sipping in the evening. Restaurants begin redoing their wine lists for the holidays.

But really, San Francisco's summer is only just beginning. Here, September and October are the warm months, when we finally escape from the fog. So Rosé season isn't quite over for us yet. In fact, I wonder if Rosé may even extend beyond a season. There's talk of doing a Pink Out! event in the winter; an e-mail has already gone out to producers to see who's on board. And Rosé is actually one of the most versatile food wines; I can see it pairing well with the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.

So I say let's keep the pink going. Some of my favorites: the 2005 Fleur Vin Gris, Clautiere Grenache Rosé and Taltarni NV Brut Taché.

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