what I don't love about long weekends ...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

... is coming back to work and playing catch up.

But what I do love is the extra time to try new restaurants. And this past weekend was full of new eating experiences. First stop was Tablespoon, where we dined Saturday night.

I'd describe this place as upscale comfort food. The specialty is mac & cheese (by the way, the appetizer size is large enough for an entree). And the Caesar salad is divine. (Can you believe that Caesar salad can be divine? At Tablespoon, it can. The secret is the warm, housemade croutons. I would love to be buried in those croutons on a cold winter night.) And the Chanterelle mushroom and leek tamale (see my amateur attempt at photography) was absolutely fantastic. And we finished off the meal with a plate of cookies, fresh from the oven. Yum.

I am definitely going back.

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