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Sunday, January 05, 2014

I'm telling everyone because the more people I tell, the more real it is: Folks, I'm doing Sober January.

Dialing it back was necessary. The holidays were pretty much non-stop gluttony and hedonism (with some trainer sessions and a good swim workout or two thrown in to counter the guilt). A chef friend (who did the infamous Ironman Lake Tahoe as his first 140.6) was in town, so of course we shut down the bar talking triathlon and pastries on Christmas Eve. And then the next day, Alberto Salad Bar and I flew to California (don't even ask me how I was functioning on this flight -- I'm surprised Salad Bar didn't throw me out the emergency exit because I was so grouchy), where he was introduced to all of my fantastic, wonderful, equally hedonistic friends over bottles and bottles of wine and whiskey. And then we had marathon meals at Commonwealth, State Bird and Coi. And also ate at La Mar, the Alembic and the Ferry Building. And then came home to Seattle and went straight into New Year's Eve debauchery.

So basically, I'm fat and dehydrated with a crazy-high tolerance right now. Not a good feeling.

Therefore no alcohol this month. And I'm also limiting my restaurant meals and cooking more at home. And starting up the green smoothie habit again. And trying to get to bed earlier (which obviously is a total fail right now, but whatever).

So far, things are going pretty well. I did have a happy hour meeting for work this past week during which I only drank green tea while everyone else had wine, but it wasn't a big deal. I find that once you explain Sober January to people, they're supportive. (Although I have a feeling that people are going to start thinking I'm pregnant. Gah.)

What's interesting, though, is realizing how "let's get a drink" has become my fallback mode of meeting up with friends. This weekend I've had to come up with alternate activities, which has been entertaining. A few ideas that were discussed: Gym date, yoga, bowling, wandering around random neighborhoods to see what Christmas lights are still up (really, this was a thing), miniature golf, ski lessons (again, maybe I am losing my mind). 

What won out: Today Heather and I met for juice when ordinarily, brunch and mimosas would've been the way to go.

Beets, carrots, lemon and ginger? So much better than a Bloody Mary. (Although I could change my mind on that if the Bloody Mary is one of those crazy ones garnished with an actual slider. Dear juicebox: Can you stick a big fat burger on the glass? It's healthy if it's veggie and gluten-free, right? You can thank me for the idea later. I'll accept free juice for life.)

And then tonight Melissa and I went to see the weirdest movie ever, which we discussed at great length over tea afterward. I kind of felt like we were in high school, hanging out at the coffeehouse. But with more confidence and less angst, of course. 


Layla said...

Oh my gosh, whenever I get around to visiting, can we go to that Bloody Mary place? I feel like my life won't be complete until I have a photo of me with a hamburger-in-a-bloody-mary.

Angela said...

Buh.....Now you are making me consider how much booze I imbibed in December. Not a good idea. :P

Also I was under the impression that a green smoothie TOTALLY cancels out at least two glasses of wine? Right?????

Michaela said...

Layla, YES!! I've been to Sam's many times (in fact, that was the bar I shut down on Christmas Eve), but have yet to try the Bloody Mary. It's supposed to be the stuff of legend.

Michaela said...

Angela, I think green smoothies are like hitting the reset button. Right?? ;)

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