the great swimsuit debate

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Because I am a very serious triathlete, I have been known to argue with Coach Mark about -- wait for it -- fashion.

Specifically, the two-piece vs. one-piece swimsuit. A recent e-mail exchange:

Me: Will you be making a two-piece version of the team's workout suit? If so, I'd like to order it.

Coach Mark: No. It creates drag.

Me: I grew up in Southern California. I hate one-pieces.

Coach Mark: They are faster.

Me: Then wouldn't that mean the two-piece would make me a stronger swimmer because I'd have to work harder than the one-piece people and then when race day comes and I'm in a wetsuit, I'll have an advantage because I've done more?

Coach Mark: OK. Sure.

I wanted this to be a win. But unfortunately, the two-piece team suits still do not exist. Maybe I'll just buy some puffy paint and a stencil and make my own. Because that would look really slick and badass, and I'm sure my teammates would all be envious.

Anyway, tonight I finally broke down and wore the only one-piece suit I own to the pool, largely because I wanted to test Coach Mark's theory. (I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore a one-piece suit. I think maybe it was elementary school.) Also, this suit has desserts and doughnuts all over it, which is pretty much the only reason I bought it. Because what is more exciting than being covered in food?!

(Like I said, folks, I'm a very serious triathlete. Side note: Look, I have upper body muscles now!)

My workout (and keep in mind that this pool is 20 yards instead of the usual 25, which is why the numbers are weird):

200 warmup
12 x 20 with 15 second rest between sets
10 x 40 with 15 second rest between sets
6 x 100 with 15 second rest between sets
200 cool down
Target completion time: 50 minutes / 1,640 yards

I finished in 43 minutes. 

Goddammit. Stupid one-piece.

Also, I really want doughnuts now.

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Angela said...

Best. Swimsuit. EVER.

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