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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Since it was sunny today -- and you never, ever want to let daylight go to waste here in Seattle -- Muppet and I ventured outside for a mellow 50-minute ride. I was originally supposed to do 50 minutes on the trainer, but the Burke-Gilman trail is so much more interesting than staring at a Netflix marathon on my iPad while my cats mock me with their eyes. And did I mention sun? Holy crap, sun!

Temperatures were in the 30s, there was frost on the ground and I didn't want end up with a sad phone call asking Uber to send a car with a stretcher and a bike rack, so Muppet and I took it easy. I only rode a little more than 10 miles -- slow and steady. But it was still ridiculously fun. I don't know what it is about cycling, but joy. So much joy.

After the ride, I went to the triathlon store and ordered Muppet her very first pair of aero bars. Once they come in, we'll be doing another bike fit so her geometry will be more TT vs. road. My plan is to get used to the aero position on the trainer now, so once the weather warms up and I start doing long rides outdoors, I won't be as freaked out. (Yes, I'm still terrified of crashing. Clumsiest cyclist ever.)

So yeah: Basically, Muppet and I are taking it to the next level.

(I'm totally normal, by the way. Not the least bit crazy at all.)

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