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Thursday, January 09, 2014

A sentence I never in my life thought I would write: I am sitting here in my bathrobe, eating chocolate and waiting for my cat to pee on a bunch of lentils.

Don't worry. This isn't a new recipe or some kind of bizarre fetish. It's how you take a cat urine sample.

(You use beans instead of litter because they won't absorb the pee, and then you suck the pee up with a syringe. See? This blog is educational!)

Last night I came home from Minneapolis to find Mari making trip after trip to the litterbox, but nothing was coming out. The attempts to pee continued all night and this morning, so we went to the vet.

Which she totally hated, of course.

Though it's not conclusive until a pee sample can be tested, it's highly likely Mari has a urinary tract infection. (And if they're anything like human UTIs, man, I feel so bad for her.)

The vet gave her fluids and two kinds of meds to help with the pain and bladder irritation, but my poor little cat is still hurting.

Tonight she wouldn't come out of the litterbox.

This is breaking my heart.

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