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Monday, March 07, 2011

Can you figure out which one is me? (Answer: Dark purple top. Blue hat. Waving dorkily.) This photo is from yesterday's run -- before I got completely lost in the woods.

Anyway, since I seem to be easing my way back into the group thing, I am now trying to decide if it's time to haul my butt out of bed tomorrow morning and head to the track. I haven't run with the track group since Jan. 11, when we did fartleks, and my best mile was a mediocre 9:21 -- and that was with healthy ankles.

I can only imagine how humiliating tomorrow morning will be. The workout is 1 x 1500 at 10K pace, 1 x 1800 at 10K pace, and 1 x 1500 at 5K pace. So pretty much I am going to die a miserable, embarrassing death, and I predict I will get lapped numerous times by at least two people.

And yet I know that if I don't get out there and do the workout -- even if it's a pathetic attempt -- I'm not going to get any faster. And the longer I put off going to the track, the harder it's going to be to get back into the speedwork routine.

Well, I guess there's nothing like an extra-large slice of humble pie to start the day.

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