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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Despite my fears, I didn't die during speedwork this morning.

In fact, I actually kind of did well -- for me, at least. I finished my first 1500 in 8:04, an 8:48 mile pace, and I only got passed by one person. I slowed down a little for the 1800 -- finished in 9:55, about an 8:51 mile pace, and three people passed me. But I picked it up for the final 1500 -- finished in 7:47 (when have I ever seen this number?), an 8:28 mile pace, and I actually passed someone! (Granted, this person was also recovering from major surgery, but it was still a small victory for me. When you're a turtle, you'll take what you can get.)

The best part: I left the track feeling confident. Hopeful even. I haven't felt this way in ages -- quite possibly since last summer, prior to all of my injuries. Maybe I can start thinking again about training for a sub-2 half marathon. (Not Chesebro, of course -- not enough time for that, plus it's a trail run. But maybe a road race in May or June.)

Also, I think I may really like my new shoes.

After finding out that my left foot supinates while my right foot slightly overpronates, I've been looking to transition to more neutral shoes. I recently got a pair of Brooks Ravennas, which are a step down from stability but not quite neutral yet, and so far, I'm pretty stoked on them. On the track, they felt much lighter and less "slappy" than my LunarGlides. (I think the wider toebox on my LunarGlides makes them a little clumsy for speedwork.)

Also great: The post-track workout breakfast. Because I get up so early on speed days, I have more time to cook breakfast. This morning I made scrambled eggs with green onions, cheese and a little truffle salt.

This turtle deserved it!

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