Thursday, March 03, 2011

Back on the West Coast. And things are crazy. Today was my first day back in the office, and I had to attend four meetings, finalize a communications plan for the next fiscal year and prepare for a media visit. And while I was on vacation, they moved my office to another building, so I was doing all of this while surrounded by a sea of boxes, which I didn't have time to unpack.

I can't even begin to explain how good it felt to leave work and run hill repeats with the training group. (And so freaking fantastic just to be with the training group again! It's been six weeks since the sprain, and I've missed my running friends so much!) We went up and down those hills. Over and over. Legs pumping. Arms pumping. Focusing only on the rhythm of it: Breath and footsteps. Sweet, sweet exhaustion.

And then I came home to Todd, who had made the most gorgeous salad I have ever seen: Red lettuce, celery stalk, blood oranges, candied ginger and toasted seasoned sunflower seeds.

Bye-bye, stress!

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