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Monday, July 22, 2013

Some time in June, this conversation happened:

And it's haunted me ever since. All I have thought about for the past few weeks (besides cats and molten chocolate lava cake and how I really should get my Washington state license plates already but I dread standing in line at the vehicle licensing office) has been: I want to do an Ironman.

Here are the top five reasons why:

1. The past few months have been all about big life changes and doing things that scare me. I am terrified of Ironman. Which makes it perfect.

2. I have no friends here in Seattle. (OK, I take that back. I have two friends. And no, I'm not referring to my cats.) Therefore I have no social life to give up and no one to piss off when I devote myself completely and totally to Ironman training.

3. If I'm going to blend in with the locals, I need more tattoos. M-dot, here I come.

4. I've never formally trained for a triathlon. Sure, I swam and rode and ran, but I never had a plan on paper. I can't do that for Ironman -- there's no faking your way through 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of riding and a marathon. I want to know how my body will respond if I actually take training seriously. If I can knock 29 minutes off of my bike leg having ridden only three times (no joke) in the two months leading up to Vineman, what would happen if I had a real plan?

5. I fucking love triathlon. It's challenging and painful and consuming, but it's a ridiculous amount of fun.

So what I'm trying to say (but having a tough time admitting because then it will be in print and not just a drunken declaration and I will actually be accountable) is: Ironman 2014. I'm going for it. I've hired a coach (with my travel schedule and total lack of discipline, I felt this would be the smartest move), joined a tri team, opened a Training Peaks account (quite possibly the most Type A training tool I have ever encountered -- I'm surprised it doesn't allow you to submit photos of your poo, since it pretty much records everything else) and started researching races (more on this later, but the two I'm deciding between couldn't possibly be more different from each other).

I'm not quite sure what to expect from the next 12-16 months, but here's to adventure and a heavy dose of insanity.


Kimra said...

I'm so excited for you!

If it's one of them, I'll come cheer. If it's the other one, you're on your own. (Kidding, mostly. But I'm not telling you which is which.)

Michaela said...

I'm thinking IMAZ for 2014, and Whistler for when you do it too. Because you are going to do it.

naomi said...

I cannot wait to follow your Ironman training!

Angela said...

So exciting!!!

panda said...

I hope I'm one of those 2 Seattle friends, friend. :) Looking forward to our next food outing!

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