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Saturday, July 13, 2013

So the friend I'm crashing with for race weekend is also hosting a pro triathlete from Denmark.

Don't worry. I didn't secretly go through the guy's things and start trying on his gear. Even I have limits. This is actually the shirt Martin gave to my friend as a thank-you for hosting. (I really want to steal it, though.)

Chatting with a pro has been interesting. He told us all about pee testing and how he has to be available every single day from 6 to 7 a.m. in case a random pee test needs to be done.

We also discussed white tri suits. He likes them (ack!), but says he gets them custom-made so the suits are not completely white but have strategic color-blocking in "key" areas. Apparently, his sponsor will pretty much make any tri suit for him exactly the way he wants it. If he's going to wear black and yellow shoes, for instance, they'll make him a suit to match. And then he showed us what I like to refer to as "outfit options" for tomorrow, and it was kind of awesome to help him choose what to wear. I'm such a girl.

(On a side note: Custom-made tri suits?! I am insanely jealous. Can you imagine the joy of designing gear however way you want it? I would make a tri suit to match my cats! Hell, I would make tri suits for my cats!)

(Clearly this is why I will never be a pro. That and total mediocrity.)

Other pro vs. age-grouper conversation highlights:

Me: Are you worried about the heat tomorrow?
Martin: No. I'll be done by 10 or 10:30.
Me: Oh. Nevermind.

Me: I'm thinking about one day doing Ironman Arizona, but it sells out so quickly.
Martin: I had no problem getting in.
Me: Um, you're a pro.

Also, while I shipped Muppet to the tri store in town and had them re-assemble her and tune her up, pros apparently travel with their bikes and assemble them themselves. If I tried that, my bike would probably fall apart mid-race and then I would cry and hate myself.

However, I bet Martin's bike doesn't have a name.

And finally, no conversation with me is truly complete until you talk about poo. Key topic: When it's OK to shit your pants during a race. If you're a pro and you have a chance at the podium, it's OK. If you're a pro and you don't really have a chance at the podium, but you're still trying really hard, it's gross, but people will think you're bad-ass and crazy because you don't care about running in your own poop.

But if you're an age-grouper, the answer is pretty much no. Do NOT shit your pants. It's not worth it. Ever.

And with that, I'll now finish putting my run gear together and head over to the expo.

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