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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The only German phrase I know is: "Haribo macht kinder froh!" This is the first line of the Haribo candy song (did you know Haribo invented the gummy bear?), and it means "Haribo makes children happy." The next verse is something about making adults happy too, but I can't pronounce it, so too bad for adult happiness. (That's what Prozac and molten chocolate cake are for anyway.)

So why exactly do I even know the Haribo song (or at least part of it)? Because Karen insisted I learn it to prepare myself for the Berlin Marathon, which is in two months. I love Karen's logic: Who cares if I can't ask anyone where the bathroom is or how to find the subway? I can sing about gummy bears making children happy!

If only gummy bears would do something miraculous for my running because it sucks right now. I started my brand-spanking-new training plan (thank you, Coach Mark) on Monday. And the two runs I've done so far have been god-awful. I have zero speed. This morning's run was so bad that I started to hope my Garmin was broken.

Thankfully, I'm on the road to getting myself back in shape. In addition to an actual training plan, I've started Pilates again. Before I moved, I was taking private reformer sessions once a week -- I did this for about two years, and it helped so much with injury prevention. I've definitely noticed a difference since I stopped classes -- my body has felt a little off-kilter and uneven, and I've had more aches and soreness.

But now I've found a fantastic instructor here: Jessica Notman of Emerald City Pilates. Not only is she a Pilates guru (with a Stott background to boot), but she's a triathlete who comes from the competitive swimming world. And she works in nutrition and gut health too! Match made in heaven, I tell you.

Tonight we did exercises focusing on scapula rotation -- in other words, stuff that leads to better swimming form and improved efficiency. She also helped iron out the tightness in my quads and lower back.

I felt so good and relaxed afterward that I walked home instead of catching the bus. A smart decision, since I was treated to this gorgeous view:

Contrary to popular belief, there is sun in Seattle.

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