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it's called le freak

Since I've been so focused on swimming lately, thought I'd post this shot of the pool (complete with two-story waterslide) at the Aspen Recreation Center. I swam there last Sunday -- took the bus from downtown after the Food & Wine Classic ended and did a short half-mile workout. It was my second workout of the day -- I got up early that morning and schlepped ran eight painful, help-I'm-pulling-a-circus-train miles. (Dear altitude: You suck.)

I did another double workout today -- ran six miles on my lunch break and then took a masters swim class (75 minutes of drills!) this evening. Both went very well. (It's much easier to breathe when you're back home at sea level.)

Yet I am still completely freaking out. Let me list the ways:

  • I am totally unprepared for the bike. My mileage is far below what it should be for this point in the training cycle. I should be easily doing 50- to 60-mile rides on the weekend, and I'm not. I've just barely cracked 40, and that was awhile ago. Hell, I don't think I've even been on my bike in at least three weeks. (Confession: I haven't even checked the garage to make sure my bike is still here. For all I know, Bibi could have left the premises. Yes, I am a bad bike mom.)
  • I have another work trip coming up. So instead of spending my weekend training, I'll be mustering every ounce of willpower in my body to keep from going crazy on Chardonnay and hors d'oeuvres.
  • Which brings me to my next point: I don't have my nutrition dialed in. Yes, I've recently gone back to eating gluten-free (and it feels so much better), but I haven't figured out fueling for the race. Also, let's not forget the fact that as the World's Clumsiest Cyclist, I am flat-out incapable of eating or drinking while riding. Which means I have to create some kind of strategy where I pull over on the side of the road at intervals to make myself eat and drink.
  • It might be hot on race day. Really, really freaking hot.
  • I somehow cut the bottom of my right foot during the Reservoir Triathlon a few weeks ago, and it still hasn't healed. In fact, it's slightly infected, and yesterday I had to lance it and a lot of grossness came out. (Be grateful no photos of this exist.) I am imagining this getting worse instead of healing, and then my foot turning green and falling off.
Seriously, I really need to stop stressing and just go to bed.

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