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when no one's watching

... some people dance. Or sing at the top of their lungs.

Tonight I needed to ride. Alone. At my own pace, without worrying about holding anyone back or trying to make an impression. I needed to feel good on the bike again, especially since all of my crashes have left me paranoid, overly tentative and basically just nervous as hell about anything cycling-related.

So I rode 22 miles after work today, all by myself. (Just for the record: I did call a friend so someone knew where I was in case of emergency. And I brought my phone with me on the ride.) I averaged a 14.4 mph pace -- not speedy, but comfortable. And I navigated traffic on my own and practiced my hand signals. And I focused on form (heels down, shoulders relaxed) and keeping a steady cadence.

And I didn't crash or get hit by a car or die.

This is huge.

Added bonus: At one point, a coyote stepped into the road in front of me. It stopped for a moment, and we stared at each other before it trotted off.

(I also saw a vulture guarding a fawn carcass. This was not as fun.)

Maybe Bibi and I can reconcile after all.


derrick said...

Yay!! That's right - you show that bike who's boss! I am super excited for you...I was just telling my coworker about how well things seem to be coming along for you...because talking about how hungry you are is waaay better than how nervous you are :)

Michaela said...

I'm still nervous. Nervous and hungry. Dude: Thirteen days!!!! I might poo myself.