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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, I did not die after my last post/triathlon.

I just skipped town.

First, there was Mt. Hood.

Yes, that is snow. In June. And no, I was not in the least bit prepared. Yoga pants and a fleece pullover just don't cut it.

Luckily, the weather in Portland was much better. Actually, it was perfect. So perfect, that when coupled with this bucatini from Nostrana, I wanted to cry, tie myself to the nearest bike rack (and yes, there were plenty from which to choose) and yell: "Please don't make me leave!"

But leave I did. Because then it was off to Colorado for work.

Yesterday I was in Boulder, at a pre-Food & Wine Classic event that involved some 30 wines arranged in 15 flights. Though the 100-point Quilceda Creek, a 1985 Krug, two Barolos and a Bandol were part of the lineup, the highlight for me was definitely this:

How I love a mature Cabernet. And this one was just gorgeous -- beautiful structure, fruit notes (yes, still!), a long finish that just coated the tongue. Wow and wow.

But alas, I barely had time to digest before I was packing again. I left Boulder this morning and am now in a Denver hotel room, where the view looks like this:

Tomorrow, I'm Aspen-bound.

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