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the burrito challenge

There was a seemingly endless list of topics to choose from for tonight's post: How I'm pretty much hungry and/or sleepy all the time because of Vineman training. How I kind of love open water swimming now (I know, right?) and have a new strategy for the bike leg which will hopefully compensate for the fact that I am the world's worst cyclist. How the chicks -- officially a week old as of today -- are growing so fast that they actually have wing feathers and tiny tails. 

Then some guy friends invited me to Los Tres Chiles, and I found myself in the middle of this:

Josh -- who is also training for Vineman, by the way -- was about a fourth of the way into the challenge when I arrived at the restaurant.

Monstrous, isn't it? That's 7.5 lbs. -- like eating a baby. (Isn't that the visual you wanted? Mmm. Newborns.)

He powered through until about a fifth was left, with 20 minutes still on the clock.

And then he didn't look so great.

And I started to wonder if sitting across the table from him was a smart decision.

I became even more alarmed when he asked the waitstaff for a trashcan, and the waitstaff responded by telling a horrible story about another guy who attempted the challenge but ended up puking everywhere.

This triggered my already unnaturally heightened fear of vomit so much that I missed the dramatic finish to the burrito challenge because I literally ran out of the restaurant. 

But as soon I heard thunderous applause, I knew it was OK to return.

And there was Josh, a member of the clean plate club.

And $150 richer for it.

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