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Thursday, May 03, 2012

... to 10 questions you didn't ask:

1. This is a list because my brain is fried. And my brain is fried because I spent the day in a car driving to Philo (the town, not the dough) to see our new tasting room, and the roads were very twisty, so to avoid puking in front of my co-workers, I had to pop a Dramamine, which meant that instead of barfing in front of everyone, I passed out in the backseat. I was told later that my head lolled around a lot. At least I didn't drool.

2. The view from the new tasting room:

3. While in Philo, I ate at Libby's, which I believe is the only restaurant in the whole town. Dear Dramamine: Thank you for ensuring this burrito did not make an encore appearance during the drive back.

4. This is also the third burrito I've eaten in three days. Jesus. (That's with the Spanish pronunciation, FYI.)

5. Clearly I've fallen off of the gluten-free wagon. (Side note: What would such a wagon look like? Would it be constructed from rice flour? Teff? Or just carved from a giant head of lettuce?) Let's not forget the grilled cheese orgy I had with my friends last week.

6. My stomach hasn't been the same since. But the sacrifice was well worth it: Fontina, Serrano ham and quince paste. Peppercorn chèvre and red bell peppers. Colby, apples and honey (my personal favorite). Camembert and apricot sauce. (Also, we were trying to win Culture Magazine's grilled cheese contest. If you scroll through the Culture blog, you'll see more photos from our cheesefest, including a ridiculous shot of me manning the stove.)

7. I got my bike back today -- just in time for the Wine Country 100K, for which I am totally unprepared. (Um, see everything about my diet, as detailed above.) My goal for this event: Use it as a training ride for Vineman. And don't crash.

8. I think it's just a matter of time before Mari catches her first bird. If she gives it to me as a present, I'll be honored. I just hope she doesn't leave it on the bed.

9. And yes, that white object to the left of this photo is a refrigerator. And yes, it is on the back porch. That is just how small the house is.

10. Current obsessions: Burritos (duh), Apartment Therapy, the Swiffer (it's an amazing thing).

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