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So I turned a year older last Friday, and what a weekend it was. I can't decide if what I'm feeling is elation or exhaustion. Maybe it's a little of both.

First, there were birthday cocktails.

And then an amazing ramen surprise party that left me so blown away I cried in public.

There was a canoe race down the Russian River. (I don't have any photos from this because I didn't want my camera to fall in the water, but it was one of those I-feel-so-grateful-to-live-in-Northern-California moments. Halfway through the race -- which was more like a floating party with beer and costumes -- we stopped and went swimming and sat on the rocks and ate Kettle Chips. Have I mentioned how much I love Kettle Chips? Heaven.)

And there was an impromptu farm tour that involved picking snap peas off the vine, visiting with chickens and meeting newborn goats.

And then there were more birthday cocktails.

And VIP tent passes to Stage 1 of the Tour of California.

Which, for the record, really made me jealous -- why can't I have this car following me on all of my rides?

Look at all of those lovely Bianchis! (Just imagine the number of bikes I'd go through with my super cycling skills, though. Ha!)

Afterward, I went from fast to slow and baby-sat a turtle.

His name is Lyle, and he's kind of  a heavy breather. (Is this normal for turtles?)

Here's to another year of adventures!

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