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Bad pun, I know. But I had to. Because I got a glimpse of my new neighbors this morning.

Adorable, aren't they? I likely feel very positive about them because I haven't yet worked on the garden.

Also, I haven't yet stepped in a pile of their poo. (Do deer make piles of poo? What is deer poo called? Doe doo-doo?)


It is Friday. And because I like lists, here are three goals for the weekend:

  • Kill the swim tomorrow. Ideally, completing it in the 20-25 minute range and with zero backstroking.
  • Convince my landlord to let me have chickens. Ideally, two or three of them, good layers that are also nice pets and look like they are wearing pants. (This last stipulation is very important because I have always favored chickens with pants.)
  • Catch up on my reading. Ideally, the pile of overdue library books, followed closely by the mountain of magazines and then all of the books I borrowed from friends months and months ago and eventually need to return someday.

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